Proudly Serving Ogle County for 30 Years!

General Litigation Civil/Criminal
We represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits ranging from evictions to contract disputes; we work closely with a very select group of legal specialists who only handle complex medical malpractice and personal injury claims.

Attorney Floski has handled thousands of criminal cases in Ogle County. As a 18-year prosecutor with more than a decade as a defense attorney, Doug Floski will work diligently to protect your rights in complex criminal matters, including DUI.

Estate Planning Wills/Trusts
We represent families - new parents to elderly couples and those who are widowed - in developing personalized estate plans that offer guardianships, wills, trusts, powers of attorney and medical powers of attorneys designed to meet your unique needs and offer long-term piece of mind.

Medicare Planning/Asset Protection
This firm is a leader in developing plans for seniors that involve family gifting and charitable giving designed to adhere to the law while protecting your hard-earned assets from state seizure should you or a loved one require long-term nursing home care.

Real Estate/Land Development
Real Estate We represent buyers, sellers and land developers in all forms of property sales and acquisitions. We work closely with local taxing bodies, real estate agents and title companies to affect routine property sales as well as to resolve complex zoning issues.

Municipal Law
We offer a wide range of representation to cities, villages, and taxing bodies in nuclear power taxing districts. We offer case by case assistance as well as long-term contracts.

Business/Banking/Financial Law
We represent small, mid-sized and family owned businesses; we create incorporations and all forms of partnerships, including private corporations and limited liability companies; we defend businesses in civil suits, and pursue non-payment.

Family Law
We offer complete services for families involved in adoption, divorce, or in need of guardianships for children or elders.

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